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Video: Inexcess, the story so far

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Inexcess is two years old. Can you believe it? It’s been an extraordinary journey. It began with the idea that the power of television and the internet could help more people to find recovery.

From humble beginnings with a handful of people producing TV from my conservatory we grew and evolved until we were producing live studio shows and outside broadcasts and have now produced more than 200 hours of TV.

But the most important thing has been connecting with the people who have turned their lives around, those who helped them, and those concerned for a loved one, looking for help. We’ve met the most inspiring people, carers, counsellors and therapists; authors, experts and government ministers, we’ve even met the odd Harvard Professor, self-help guru and the occasional rock star. So many people have helped us and travelled with us on this journey, thanks to all of you. It’s been amazing. And we’ve only just begun.

These are the defining moments that tell the ‘the Inexcess story’ and the people we met on the way, the inspirations, the emotional moments and some of the fun we’ve had along the way. Over the next month we will be broadcasting the full versions of the landmarks featured in these highlights. I hope you enjoy our journey.

George Williams

Founder, Inexcess Television

Category: Features Duration: 17:10

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