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Another Tragic Victim to Cocaine

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 Another Tragic Victim to Cocaine

Yet another devastating time for yet another family. A Young talented student who had the world at his feet has succumbed to the perils of cocaine addition. Jake Knowles 21, hanged himself from a banister as his addition spiralled out of control.

His mother believes and states ‘Cocaine definitely affected him mentally and changed his personality. It was a build-up of drink and drugs - people of his age think that they are invincible. Jake was a party animal and it was very hard to get away from the drugs because other people were doing the same thing.

The drug taking lead to chronic bouts of depression and Jake became trapped in his own lifestyle. He started smoking cannabis at the age of 14. Jake had failed to keep an appointment with his GP, three days later he wad dead.

It is imperative that the knowledge of long term abuse of these substances can cause anxiety, depression and even paranoia.

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