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Anger Management: Can it Work?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 Anger Management: Can it Work?

Ask anyone to keep count of the number of times they get angry in one day and my guess is the figure would head towards double digits pretty quickly according to Lorraine Candy. Just from a female point of view, when we are expected to hold down full time jobs, be a parent and also attend the running of a household it is only to be expected that we may blow a fuse or two.

Candy goes on to explain “I wanted to commission a debate on how cross women seem to be today - from the media-hyped explosion of aggressive girl gangs to the observation that the women taking part in the BBC’s Apprentice seemed to get so much angrier than the male contestants.”

Quite often it will always be the small things that tip you over the edge.She sets out trying four different methods of treatment. First up is an appointment at the Hale Clinic to see Dawn Templeton, a counsellor and psychotherapist. Counselling is a lengthy process, six one-hour sessions.Next is laughter yoga designed to fooling your body. Then hypnotherapy, a process of relearning and finally some Ki energy treatment.

Ultimately what was achieved was to understand is that getting anger out is key as it becomes more manageable.

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