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In the Work Place: Too Stressed out

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 In the Work Place: Too Stressed out

“Mummy’s going back to work, so she’s going be really angry with us all again and we better stay out of her way”. It was a reminder that she wasn’t fooling anyone; managing a high-octane career was making her intolerably stressed. For one little boy this clearly is all too much.

We all appreciate a certain amount of stress is good in terms of motivation.

The author of this story says: when I’m like a frightened bunny. I become paralysed with fear, waking at 4am feeling sick, which means I’m a nightmare by evening. It’s not just me paying the price: the kids do, my husband does and my employee does, too, because I know I’m less productive in that state.”

sleeplessness, nausea, fear are all too familiar to so many of us who work but the emotional toll is often the thing that is most difficult for women to handle. At its worst, acute stress can be responsible for severe depression and panic attacks. More importantly it’s the stress of bottling up the strain that exasperates the problem.

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