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Video: Frustrated creatives in recovery

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

In recovery many people report an increase in energy, a need to be active and often people begin to re-connect with the creative side of their make-up. So Trevessa is going in search of ways to tap into that creativity.

She spent a day with Jo Le-Rose in a village hall in Cheshire. Jo teaches painting – and it’s the kind of painting that anyone can have a go at. As Jo says you don’t need any specific talent but what painting does do is give you time for yourself. Jo says “We live in a society that puts so many demands on our time we need that space to centre ourselves – painting can almost become meditative.” Jo herself has had her fair share of troubles in the past but has found painting to be an additional therapeutic aid in dealing with the stresses of modern life.

You can find out more about Jo and the classes she teaches at:
If you contact your local library of FE college you will probably find there are painting classes in your area.

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