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Video: 2010, Byron Katie Interview parts 1 & 2

Friday, March 5th, 2010

“I thought suicide and death were the only way out.” When Katie came to Liverpool to do “the Work” as part of the Road to Recovery Event we caught up with her at the Hope Street Hotel.

Katie caused quite a stir with her techniques. It was a challenging session for some of the audience but as the days and weeks have gone by more and more people are beginning to identify her approach as one well worth consideration. There seems to be a consensus that one size doesn’t fit all and that there needs to be space given to look at all approaches and methods.

George Williams was able to quiz Katie about her own back story and to share her own personal insight into the Work and how it might be relevant to people working in the drugs field.

As Katie’s web site says: Byron Katie, founder of The Work, has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. As she guides people through the powerful process of inquiry called The Work, they find that their stressful beliefs—about life, other people, or themselves— radically shift and their lives are changed forever.

Based on Byron Katie’s direct experience of how suffering is created and ended, The Work is an astonishingly simple process, accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and requires nothing more than a pen and paper and an open mind.

Through this process, anyone can learn to trace unhappiness to its source and eliminate it there. Katie not only shows us that all the problems in the world originate in our thinking: she gives us the tool to open our minds and set ourselves free.

You can see Byron Katie’s presentation of ‘the work’ in full, here.

Many thanks to the Hope Street Hotel who provided the venue for this interview.

You can leave your 2010 pledge here, on our dedicated 2010 site.

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