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Video: 2010, Inexcess Question Time

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Inexcess TV Founder George Williams chairs the Question Time debate after a full day of discussions and workshops on the Road to Recovery. The exchanges range over questions of how we might see recovery being delivered, who will pay for it and what the future holds. You can watch the debate in full or each question has been edited to allow you to go to a specific topic.

On the panel were:
Ronnie Purslow – Ronnie is a therapist who shared part of his journey with us earlier in the day. Noreen Oliver – Noreen has received many plaudits for the BAC O’Connor centre in Burton, Staffordshire. She is also a founder member of the UK Recovery Group. Mark Gilman – Regional Manager NTA. As well as being the North West Supremo Mark had been one of the standard bearers for pushing the recovery agenda forward. Byron Katie – Creator of the work, Katie brings a worldwide perspective to the debate. Nick Mercer – our MC for the Road to Recovery day, Nick contributes a vast history of experience to the debate along with humour and insight.

You can see Byron Katie’s exclusive presentation of The Work for Inexcess here.

We would love to hear your feed back on all aspects of the Road to Recovery event and our coverage, so drop us a line:

We are also want to hear what you are going to do for the Year of Recovery, what would like to change or improve over the next year that would make a difference to your life, or others. You can leave a 2010 pledge here, on our dedicated 2010 site.


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