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What a week

Posted by George Williams on Saturday, February 20th, 2010

What a week its been and all for the good. I’m still charged up with energy form the Road to Recovery 3 weeks ago. I followed my instincts with Byron Katie and feel so proud to have brought her from California to Liverpool. Part 1 of The Work, Closed Minded/Open Minded made the Inexcess platform this week. Watching it back it’s so easy to connect with this very user friendly tool, a mirror of truth. If we are to achieve progress with the recovery community then we must accept it all starts with ourselves. Workers, Carers and people in treatment and recovery.

Part 1 is easy to follow and far more powerful than you may have thought if you where lucky enough to be there on the day. I still hear from people 3 weeks on saying “is it true”. Our thoughts can influence our feelings negatively and in turn our behaviour. In Katie’s words “lets turn it all upside down”. In my personal opinion and on the record I haven’t seen anything as effective and authentic in all my years out there. And that’s a big statement! Change can bring resistance from some people which can evolve into resentment and that’s not healthy.

I spent most of my life feeling confused and this took me to many dark places. Since 5 I have been searching, not really knowing what for but still feeling powerful urges to find answers. Theory after theory, I’m just one of those people but over the last couple of years I’ve come to understand that this is ok, it’s my wiring. Looking back I tried so many things to make me feel more comfortable with myself, to fit in, even just to feel happy. We have a tendency to complicate life, maybe because we don’t understand why we feel the way we do.

Seeking approval, trying not to get hurt, disguising the truth inside with a face for all occasions on the outside. Tony Mellor said to me last year “it’s about modelling it” and he was so right. lot’s of people want to give lots of advice based on their experience and then get frustrated when people don’t take it. This can then lead to resentments, I think we’ve all had a touch of the ball on this. I see many academics and professionals on my journey who need the mirror of truth as much as someone caught in the eye of the storm. We can all change and improve ourselves and should not forget it.

For me it’s not seeking perfection but about being the best I can be, how I connect and interact with the people around me each day. If your not happy in your job, then leave. If your not happy in your relationship, then leave but lets be honest that it’s in our own hands and recognise that those around us are not to blame. They are being themselves and we should respect that. We all have choices and it’s the choices we make that define us.

I’ve caught up on appointments this week in London, and have some great plans to announce for Ukesad 2010 in the coming weeks. Deirdre very kindly captured some great pics from Road to Recovery and can be seen ion the next edition Of Addiction Today.

Next week is a big week, I’m back out on the road, Manchester, Bristol and Exeter. In my search of recovery I’m sharing what I’m learning. Gladly, a lot less confused than I used to be

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