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The making of Inexcess, by Roger Appleton

Roger Appleton

Roger joined Inexcess TV having worked as an independent producer/director for many years making programmes for Granada TV, BBC and Channel Five.

He says, "Now is a very exciting time to be working with Inexcess. There is a changing landscape in attitudes to addiction and recovery and this is mirrored in the changing environment in the media. More and more people are turning to the internet and broadband to consume their media and so I think Inexcess is right at the forefront of content and the technology to deliver that content."

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"Inexcess TV is right at the forefront of content and technology."




A four hundred and thirty seat venue and goal of the season

Posted by Roger Appleton on Friday, February 19th, 2010

A four hundred and thirty seat venue, a set that included back projected moving slides and films, nine presenters, a crew of twenty four and live multi-camera recording. The Road to Recovery event was the biggest thing Inexcess TV have produced but everything went to plan and I think most of the audience had a good experience.

For a number of weeks before the event the design team had been pulling together images and graphics for the back drop. We were all a bit nervous as to how it might look especially as we were taking a leap in the dark with Spider Man… not the Marvel Comic super hero, no better than that. This is the guy who operated Spider – the magical bit of kit that ensured all the films were played in at the right time and melded in with the graphics and stills.

A special mention must go to our MC for the day, Nick Mercer. Not only did he deliver a little bit of physical therapy to the crew on our rehearsal day but he kept the event bouncing along and was never short of a word or a story to introduce an amazing array of presenters. It was a pleasure to work with Nick.

The films are beginning to find their way onto the site and the feedback so far has been very positive. One of the interesting things is what we are calling the “Match of the Day” effect for some of the delegates. You know, you went to the game in the freezing cold, your team only won 1-0 and you missed the goal because you were bent down trying to find the hotdog that had fallen out of your roll. It seemed like no one had a chance to score, the ref was rubbish and you don’t understand why you paid the thirty five quid to get in.

You’ve then waded through all the rubbish that passes for Saturday night TV and Match of the Day arrives. After the usual platitudes from “the experts” you wonder why your match is first on – only one goal and no real excitement. Your eyes are the size of saucers as you watch slow motion replay after slow motion replay of fantastic chances and what must be the goal of the season. Gary Lineker finishes the highlights with the words, “There aren’t many 1-0 wins that have as much incident and excitement at that one.” And you think, “That’s not the match I saw…”

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