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Video: 2010, Byron Katie, The Work, Is it true? Part 2

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Byron Katie brings her work to Liverpool in an exclusive presentation for Inexcess TV.

With a room full of drug workers, therapists and service users Byron Katie delivers “the Work” and challenges some of the preconceptions of how people work and relate to each other.

Close Minded & Open Minded: The first session deals with how the relationships between drug workers works (or doesn’t) and how an “open minded” approach will uncover some surprising outcomes. With the help of Jacquie Johnston Lynch from Sharp and “the four questions”, Byron Katie explores the nature of those relationships and what is true about the way we relate to each other.

My Sister Doesn’t Want To Be In My Life: The second session deals with family relationships. We all know that our loved ones can sometimes be hurtful: Do people mean what they say? How do we react to the things they say? Who would we be without those thoughts?

Described by Time Magazine as “A spiritual innovator for the new millennium,” and by the Times as having “laser like tough love” that “burns away all illusion,” Byron Katie’s presentation is fascinating for all people who are finding the work place challenging and who are unsure about the changing landscape in the treatment/recovery world.

You can find out more about Byron Katie here

All the presentations from the morning session can be seen in full here.

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We are also want to hear what you are going to do for the Year of Recovery, what would like to change or improve over the next year that would make a difference to your life, or others. You can leave a 2010 pledge here, on our dedicated 2010 site.

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