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What a week

Posted by George Williams on Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Got to tell you all it’s been a roller-coaster of a week. I’ve come to believe that on the eve of breakthrough, it’s the most scary and unsettling. I suppose when you put “all of yourself” into something you believe in, some days you just need a sign.

I played my hand as we say in cards, I put together a channel for recovery, people turning their lives around. Human faces to it all, relational depth. I gave people a window into my life and I opened up with my theories, thoughts and emotions. I’ve sewn seeds and I’m watching them grow. I’ve never been so proud as last Thursday when people took to the stage at The Road to Recovery. The power of people, their journeys, their experiences. A room where so many people just care by nature and it wasn’t fluffy either.

I can’t wait for you all to watch it all back, and those of you who weren’t there I promise it’s amazing.

If you’ve ever been to a football match, quite often you miss so much of the game, even the goals. There can be too many distractions. It’s only when you are home watching match of the day that you realsise how amazing the play was, how you where there when that amazing goal was scored. Well we’ve captured the whole days event and I’m confident it will define the recovery movement and community. It’s powerful stuff.

So I’m just “in the meantime” while I wait for it all to connect.

On Thursday of this week and at very short notice I interviewed Judy Collins. She was performing at Radio Merseyside. It was one of the highlights of my career so far and our interview lasted only 20 minutes or so.

Judy is a legendary folk singer, many of you probably remember “Amazing Grace” or “Send in The Clowns”. I urge you to read her website and over a cup of coffee read about her amazing life. It’s rich and colourful, scarred with heartache and trauma. Her life has been a who’s who of cool and influence, creativity and life changing experiences. Judy sings like an angel, but it’s her passion and vitality I will always remember. I’ve ordered a copy of Sanity and Grace; A Journal of Suicide Survival. She reminded me of someone I would have loved to have met in her youth but was so pleased I got 20 mins now, just to say I met her at all. She’s playing Glastonbury this year, for me she was more rock n roll than rock n roll, she’s got the T shirt and earned it.

In my search for recovery I’m meeting the people who are turning their lives around and finding out what’s working for them

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