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Video: Byron Katie: The Work

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

In this piece explains how ‘The Work’ can be helpful and beneficial to people who are struggling as a result of their own negative thoughts.

Many people will be able to relate to some of the thought processes that are discussed in this video; helpless, lost and alone. People believe that their suffering is unique and that the world is how they themselves perceive it to be.

However, Katie explains that by engaging in a process called ‘turnaround’ a person will be able to see that their thoughts are often unfounded. This involves people taking each thought and turning it around to the opposite meaning.

Katie says: “The work is a way to identify thoughts that cause all the suffering and violence in the world. Anyone with an open mind can do it because it is so simple”.

You can now see our exclusive presentation of ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie here.

Category: From the Web Duration: 3:37

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