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Video: Interview with John Varley, Barclays Bank

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Ed Mitchell speaks to John Varley, Chief Executive of Barclays Bank, discussing the role and responsibilities that big organisations have towards society and disadvantaged groups. Barclays have a policy of helping such groups, including those in recovery or addiction.

Part 1 - By directly offering jobs to people in recovery, boosting their confidence and self esteem, Barclays help people become active members of society. As the world suffers from recession, more people become marginalised, and John believes now is the time for business’ such as Barclays to act, and follow their moral compass.

Part 2 - John Varley talks about Barclays approach to dealing with employees with addiction problems, the effects of the global recession on individuals and the environment in which they work. Volunteering and a an philanthropic attitude are key to Barclays values.

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