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Video: RAMP - Reduction And Motivation Programme, Oldham

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Reduction And Motivation Programme
The RAMP programme is a psychosocial intervention consisting of 24 sessions of group work. Service users can enter or exit at any point over a 4-12 week period. RAMP is facilitated by skilled staff with many years of experience in working with addiction.

The core group programme is delivered at various sites across the region including, CDT’s (Community Drug Team), C.A.T. Teams (Community Alcohol Team) and H.M.P Manchester. Recently we have been commissioned by Stockport P.C.T. (Primary Care Trust) to provide an alcohol RAMP within G.P. surgeries.

The RAMP programme operates from a motivational perspective, the main objective is to encourage service users towards reduction and possibly total abstinence. RAMP co-ordinators provide service users with an opportunity to look at the consequences of their substance misuse.

The aim of RAMP treatment is to produce a safe environment that makes concrete the concept of recovery as a passage to freedom and a richer life, accessible to all who’ve exhausted the validity of self medication as a meaningful life choice. It is a place where our service users can begin to taste the fruits of recovery for themselves.

What RAMP does:

In addition to motivation, RAMP provides service users with…

Involvement in alternative rewarding activities

Focus on self efficacy and coping skills

Goal direction

Daily structure

Abstinence oriented norms

Role models

Orientation into tier 4 groupwork

Contacts: 0161 484 0000

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