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Should Happy Hours be Banned?

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 Should Happy Hours be Banned?

It has been established that heart attack victims are being forced to wait as ambulance crews are being delayed because of drunks. Paramedics have called for a ban on “Happy Hours” As reported in The Daily Mail.

Ambulance crews in Oxfordshire said that in the past year, more than 10,000 patients - or 10 per cent of all emergency calls - needed treatment for injuries sustained while they were drunk.
Paul Cooke, operations manager at South Central Ambulance Service for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, said he was so concerned he had called for drink promotions to be banned - and restrictions placed on extended opening hours.
He said some patients involved in road crashes or suffering heart attacks were being forced to wait for ambulances because crews were held up dealing with drink-related injuries.

Mr Cooke said: ‘There are times when, because we are dealing with inappropriate calls, other patients may be suffering. Sometimes patients have been made to wait.’
He added that the number of people needing treatment for drunken injuries had increased since the Government introduced extended opening hours three years ago.

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