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Video: Byron Katie – Interview part 1 of 2

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Byron Katie is an American author and inspirational speaker who teaches her own method of self-enquiry known as ‘The Work’.

For over a decade Katie was very depressed. For two years she was unable to leave her bedroom. One morning Katie saw a cockroach crawl over her foot and found joy from this moment. She says it was a realization that when we believe our thoughts we suffer and when we question our thoughts we don’t.

This interview with Katie explains how The Work can help a person elevate suffering in their life simply by questioning their own thoughts.

Byron will be the main speaker at Inexcess Television’s first ‘Road to Recovery’ event, where Katie will present the ‘The Work’ to an invited audience of 450 drug treatment providers.

You can read more about 2010 Year of Recovery here.

And you can now see our exclusive presentation of ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie here.

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