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Monday, January 4th, 2010

George brings together members of three of our earlier shares, to discuss and summarise some of the key issues that have been spoken about over the series.

Part 1 - Language of Recovery. The group talk about the language that is used in the industry and between clients, specifically the term ‘recovery’ itself. What does recovery mean to individuals? Does it have the same meaning for everyone? As ever, there are many different opinions around the table.

Part 2 - Referrals and Users. In this part, George and the group discuss referrals and the choices that are available to the service users, along with the problems that too much choice can bring. The idea of a ‘centralised, one stop shop’ is on everyone’s lips. There is also a recognition of the shift in demographic of those in need of help. More and more referrals are being made for younger men with recreational cocaine and alcohol problems, that have gotten out of control, as opposed to the ‘problematic drug users’ addicted to heroin and crack cocaine that have been targeted in the past.

Part 3 - Detox and Therapeutic Process. In the concluding part of this share, the group discuss the future of detox, and the speed with witch people can access detox in the North West. Therapeutic process’ are also on the agenda, the group look at how these process’ can be measured, as evidence based results become a priority.

The other three accompanying shares are from the Service Users, the Drug Workers and the Managers and Commissioners

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