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Secret Boozers of Mums to be

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 Secret Boozers of Mums to be

It has been established according to a daily mirror report that one in three pregnant women drink to excess and keep mum about the fact as they are too ashamed. Of more concern is that one in ten expectant mums do not consider drinking alcohol a problem and that any damage is overestimated.

Professor Andrew Shennan of the babys charity Tommy’s says “These finding are worrying because if women don’t want to admit to others they are drinking, they might not admit to themselves how much they are drinking. Drinking too much can cause serious neurological as well as behavioural problems for the child”.

The problem is compounded when in another report it has been disclosed that one in seven women are unsure about what is considered to be a safe amount.

Clearly there needs much more education to facilitate informed choice

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