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Video: Ipsos Mori Poll, 6 out of 10 people know someone with addiction problems.

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

A new Ipsos Mori survey reveals the extent of alcohol and drug addiction.

Almost six in ten people claim to know someone with an alcohol, drugs or mental health problem reveals new poll commissioned by Inexcess Television.

A real measure of the extent of alcohol and drug addiction in Britain has been revealed in a new survey by Ipsos MORI for Inexcess Television - with 57% of people saying they know someone with an alcohol or drugs problem at addiction level (where addiction is classed as an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence), or a mental health problem.

The broadband station (, which specialises in addiction and recovery, commissioned Ipsos MORI’s online omnibus survey of 1,041 people aged 16-64 to test the assertion made by many of the healthcare professionals and people interviewed by Inexcess over the last 18 months that ‘today most people know someone with a drink, drugs or mental health problem at addiction level’.

Comments former BBC and ITN broadcaster, Ed Mitchell, who has just been appointed as Inexcess Editor, marking his return to television and first employment following his battle with alcohol and homelessness:

“This statement keeps coming up in our discussions with healthcare professionals, so we thought we would test it. 43 per cent said a family member, friend or work colleague had an alcohol or drug addiction, that’s not binge drinking, hazardous drinking or recreational drug use, its hardcore addiction, and the figure rises to 57% when you include mental health problems which are so often either the cause or the effect of addiction.”
Other key findings of the Ipsos MORI survey included:

• Regional differences – The highest figure was in the North of England where 47 per cent of respondents know someone with an alcohol or drugs problem. The lowest figure was for the Midlands region with 35 per cent of respondents saying they know someone with an addiction.

• Age differences – The 45-54 year old age group is most likely to know someone with an alcohol or drugs problem with 50 per cent of them saying they know someone. 44 per cent of 35-44 year olds know someone with an alcohol or drugs problem, while the lowest figure was 37 per cent amongst 16-24 year olds.

• Social economic differences – 49 per cent in the DE social economic groups (unskilled working class, or on state benefits or pension), know someone with an alcohol or drugs problem, which decreased to 45 per cent of C2s (skilled working class) and 39 per cent of ABC1s (middle class and professional).

Adds Ed Mitchell: “The findings clearly show the scale of the problem facing all of us, but especially the Government and the NHS. When the raw figures are translated into human terms, that’s an awful lot of misery. If alcohol were a communicable disease, a national emergency would be declared.”

“There has to be a co-ordinated response. We hope to draw attention to the issue and the opportunities for recovery through our 2010 Year of Recovery campaign which will highlight different ways of coming off and staying off drink and drugs.” was created to help and support anyone whose excessive use of drink or drugs is affecting their lives, and the people around them, with mental health problems frequently either the cause or effect of addiction. With the Christmas season approaching and winter nearly upon us, this time of year can be particularly difficult for those with addictions and loved ones around them. Adds Ed: “I know from my own experience that the ‘Season of Goodwill’ can be anything but that. For those in the grip of addiction it can be a time of solitary pain.”

Ipsos MORI’s online omnibus interviewed 1,041 people aged 16-64 in Great Britain from the 4th-6th September 2009, with data weighted to the known population.

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