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Video: Managers and Commissioners Share

Monday, December 7th, 2009

George Williams chairs a group discussion with five managers and commissioners of recovery services in the north west.

Part 1 - The Future. In the first part of this share, George and the group look to the future. They discuss how they hope to progress the services that they deliver, and improve the accessibility and visibility of those services, to the people in the street.

Part 2 - Big Decisions. In part two our managers and commissioners discuss personalisation of addicts services, and who is making the big decisions about the process of treatment and recovery.

Part 3 - Quality Control. In the third and final part of our managers and commissioners share, the group discuss the effectiveness of treatment, how do we measure the success? As recovery becomes a competitive market, and the competition for funding increases, how does the industry qualify its achievements and failures? How can performance and quality continue to be improved as service providers become more business orientated?

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