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Increase in number of British women addicted to cocaine.

Friday, December 4th, 2009 Increase in number of British women addicted to cocaine.

The number of British women who are addicted to cocaine has increased by around 60 per cent since 2005.

According to figures released by the National Treatment Agency, the number of women under the age of 35 who have been treated for addiction has soared from 790 to 1,261 over the past four years.

Director of the Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, Rosa O’Connor, said that although figures show that cocaine use is increasing amongst women, their has been a reduction in the number of women receiving treatment for crack and heroin addiction.

She said: “It is good news that women are turning away from heroin and crack, the most problematic drugs, but we are concerned by the increase in cocaine dependence,”

O’Connor also warned of the dangers of using alcohol and cocaine together as this combination can lead to heart problems, paranoia and affect a woman’s fertility.

Furthermore, she warned that although the price of cocaine has dropped significantly in the past few years, so too has its purity.

It is not just amongst women that cocaine use has soared. The NTA findings also show an increase in cocaine use amongst men under 35, up from 3,024 to 5,263 since 2005.

The UK was named the ‘cocaine capital of Europe’ in a report by the United Nations, which stated that the nation had more than one million regular users of the class A drug.

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