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Once an addict and now nominated for Drug Worker of the year, Tony Mellor joins us at Inexcess as our man on the street. Tony's no nonsense, straight forward approach will be a shock for some and a breath of fresh air for many. Stay tuned to hear more from Tony and his unique perspective on the world.

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Why did I hate Brussels sprouts?

Posted by Tony Mellor on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Hello everyone!

So here I go again… I sit here and think to myself, ‘why am I never satisfied in my addiction? Why am I never satisfied in my life?’

And so the journey goes on and I explore my life and recovery and I ask myself so many things; constantly searching and learning as I grow. I ask myself things like, ‘why did I hate Brussels sprouts and now love them?’ and then the process begins.

This is just some food for today’s thoughts. Have a look at some of the you tube videos I have included that ask some pretty big questions, like ‘How can I control my thoughts’ or ‘do I have to believe in God to have a spiritual life?’.

Over and out,

Yours, 2Tone

All new thoughts are welcomed… x

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