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Affected by addiction makes the stage

Posted by George Williams on Thursday, November 26th, 2009

We were privileged last night to attend the 10th anniversary of The Outside Edge Theatre Company performing a number of stage/drama pieces. Firstly, all performers have been affected by addiction and although this goes some way to having the inside track on the content and characters, there where so many truly amazing, creative, dramatic and believable performances.

Literally from the lights up we the audience connected with the characters as they drew us into the real life chaotic world of drink and drugs. We really did feel that we where a fly on the wall and so many of us felt compelled to leap onto the stage to offer support or help. This was as real as it gets. There are no props or costumes, just great scripts and the right cast in the right roles.

Artistic Director and Founder Phil Fox has created/recreated the reality of the front line and the people and in giving his experience, time and resources set a bench mark for what can be achieved within theatre. My personal view of theatre is I want the characters believable, so believable I connect and wish I was there on stage delivering those fine lines. Last night, Phil and the group not only entertained us but in real time and using improvisation continued to allow the characters at times to engage with the audience. This technique is an amazing tool. We the audience had the opportunity to change the outcome of the piece and thus come to a different conclusion.

Luckily for Inexcess Television, we where there to capture it all. Included in the performances where extracts from My Name is Bill. It examined the ordeals, suffering and victories of people and loved ones working with and recovering from substance misuse through the story of Bill Wilson, the co founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and his wife Lois, the co founder of Al-Anon. Bills monologue, sees him struggling to stay sober with very little help and 24hrs away from a business meeting in Akron that he believes will make or break him, Bill begins to examine his few months of sobriety and the rock bottom that finally broke him.

There is so much more I could say about the performances, characters, scripts and people but I’ll leave it upto you to judge for yourself. We’ve exclusively captured it all, so look out for the release dates on Inexcess Tv.

I suggest agencies to look at the potential for this format as a real tool and resource and Phil Fox is an engaging approachable and versatile Director. An absolute pleasure and must see

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