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Monday, September 22nd, 2008 Graphic Reality

Does hard-hitting evidence bring about change and who does it impact?

Ben Rogers, a heroin addict, died recently. In his last few months he made a video diary to be aired on sky 1. The documentary, with a working title An Addict’s Last Days, will feature the video diaries of 34-year-old Ben Rogers, who began recording his battle against heroin addiction in the three months before he entered rehab.

Rogers died of a brain haemorrhage the day after he admitted himself to hospital.

He carried on videoing himself up until the day before he went to rehab, with the final scene showing him desperate for his last hit.

His mother, Anne Rogers, gave independent production companies Gecko Productions and Junction 15 access to the videos, which form the centrepiece of the 60-minute film.

“It’s all very painful to watch but I’m willing to go through it time and again if it can help stop the same happening to other youngsters” Rogers said.

“The final scene is perhaps the hardest. Ben is desperately searching for a vein to inject into. He looks as if he is dying as the heroin passes into his body. It’s as if you can see his life just ebbing away.”

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