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Tackling binge drinking is top priority to the Tories

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 Tackling binge drinking is top priority to the Tories

The Tories have vowed to tackle binge drinking and reform the current 24-hour drinking laws, according to the Shadow Home Secretary Grayling.

Today Grayling will be unveiling his list of five policies that will form the foundation of the Tory policy if they were to be elected into government.

The top priority is to make the streets of Britain safe by attempting to put an end to binge drinking.

The Tories will be reforming the current 24-hour drink laws, introduced in November 2005 by Labour.

In an attempt to stop town centres being taken over by clubs, pubs and off licences the Tories plan to give councils the power to restrict opening times and residents a say over any new licences approved in the area.

Violent crime has increased by 68 per cent since the 24-hour drinking laws were introduced, according to Mr Grayling.

He said: “What we have is a government that promised to make a big difference in dealing with crime and disorder and yet virtually everything it has done over the years has failed.”

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