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Video: Drug Worker Share

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Ed Mitchell is joined in the Inexcess studio by six professional drug workers, to talk about their professions in a group share.

Part 1 - At the coal face. The first part of our drug workers share sees the participants talking about their own practice and exploring many aspects of professional life that deal with the issues of treatment and recovery. Areas covered are families, probation, treatment and detox and getting into work.

Part 2 - What’s working - what’s not. The share continues with perspectives from different service providers including the probation service, youth and family services, residential and day care rehab, treatment services and Jobcentre Plus. The group touch on the misinformation that can be spread about services, and how important it is for providers to get their message out into the communities, as well as the measurement of successful programmes. Ed Mitchell chairs the share and we continue on our search for what is working - and what is not.

Part 3 - Preparation and Communication. The group discuss the transition from prison to recovery. Again, preparation and communication from services and users is seen as the key to helping people in their journey to recovery. As the session draws to a close, the group look to the future of recovery and the changes that they would like to see.

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