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Video: Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Curry and Wandzilak

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Kristina Wandzilak started drinking alcohol and taking drugs at the age of 13; an activity she considered to be quite innocent at the time. Within a relatively short period of time Kristina’s habit became more prevalent and she began to lose sight of all the things that were important to her. She became addicted to both alcohol and drugs.

After three unsuccessful attempts in rehab, her family decided that they could not take any more and adopted a ‘tough love’ approach. Kristina’s mother, Constance Curry, said that she did not wish to see her again until she had adopted a life of sobriety.

The next period of Kristina’s life saw her addiction spiral to a new depth. She became homeless and turned to a crime and theft to feed her habit. At the age of 21 she was arrested for being drink and disorderly, something she laughs at as she says ‘I didn’t know any other way to be’. Kristina was placed in a homeless shelter and it was here that she reached her rock bottom. She called her mum and finally accepted that she was ready to begin her journey of recovery.

This is a touching story that many families will be able to relate to. Both mother and daughter have since collated their memories of this time in their life and written a book entitled ‘The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare’.


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