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Friday, January 1st, 2010

2009 is seen by many as the country’s “rock bottom”. I see 2010 as the turning point, and the perfect opportunity to launch ‘2010 Year of Recovery’, a campaign and a series of events to raise the profile of addiction and recovery and help to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the issue.

We the recovery community want to use this opportunity to reach out and connect with like minded people looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Life in the 21st Century has become so demanding it is no surprise we have drink, drugs and mental health problems. Habits are becoming addictive and pleasures are spiralling out of control. Greed, selfishness, lack of purpose or meaning are having a huge negative impact within our families, workplace, community.

People try many things to fill that empty space in their lives, whether they are searching for happiness or a way to deal with pressures and disappointments. 2010 is an opportunity to stop searching out there, to look within and listen to your inner voice.

If you are in the field of providing help support or service think about the changes and improvements you can make, things that can improve your life, and inspire others.

This is not a competition, there is no blame. It’s very simple what would you change or improve in 2010 The Year of Recovery. It’s about you, not what they haven’t done, but what you can do.

Sometimes we have to look back to move forward. Learn from our mistakes or shortfalls. For those taking those first steps, don’t be afraid, you have all the resources within.

We’re inviting you to sign upto 2010 Year of Recovery. To take a moment to reflect and think about what you personally would like to change or improve next year. Maybe even learn or achieve.

“Imagine having the courage and confidence to follow your instincts and make positive decisions about how you want to live your life”

George Williams

You can leave your 2010 pledge here, on our dedicated 2010 site.

The first Year of Recovery live event took place in Liverpool on the 28th of January 2010. You can see the days first highlights here. For more information,

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