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Series Four - Four live shows broadcast in October 2009

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Video: Nigel Radcliffe, Nick Mercer, David Tyrell: Inexcess Series 4 - Final Show

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Part 1 - Nick Mercer
The show is kicked off by David Tyrell who is making his mark as a solo performer and with his band. His first number, Freedom is delivered with passion and sets the tone for the show. The rest of part one is devoted to a one to one interview with Nick Mercer who is both entertaining and passionate and talks to George Williams about his own journey and his contribution to treatment and recovery developments in the recent past.

Part 2 - Nigel Radcliffe
Joining George and Nick in the studio is Nigel Radcliffe who is delivering one of the most praised projects in the recovery world. Working with Transport for London Nigel is helping to transform the lives of employees who are having difficulties with drug use and alcohol. This is an interview you definitely should see.

Part 3 - Something for the Weekend
George introduces Trevessa and Tony - Inexcess TV’s two regular correspondents. Trevessa talks about the importance of nutrition to recovery and well being and Tony tells us about the Ramp project he has visited in Oldham and a fantastic communication from the US describing how Inexcess TV is watched by lifers in an LA prison. It’s a small world. The show concludes with another well crafted performance from David Tyrell - Clarify.

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