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Series Four - Four live shows broadcast in October 2009

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Video: Stuart Honor, David McCollom: Inexcess Series 4 - Show 3

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Part 1 - Stuart Honor
The show starts with an inspirational performance from David McCollom singing one of his own compositions - “Sonnet of Love”. Stuart Honor is our main guest. George talks to Stuart about the reality behind the statistics – possibly the best man to speak to for a picture of the realities of drink and drugs in our communities - and he’s on the water every day training for the British Olympic Rowing Team.

Part 2 - Ed’s trip to Scotland and Recovery Through Film
Ed Mitchell has been up to Scotland to appear on STV. He tells us about his trip and some disturbing facts about alcohol consumption north of the border. If you’ve caught any of the films on the site about David McCollom’s work with Pierpoint and Coast you’ll know he’s been making two films with them as part of the therapeutic process. In Part 2 David talks to Ed about the work and we meet some of the people who have been learning about film making and song writing.

Part 3 - Something for the Weekend
George introduces Trevessa and Tony who are in conversation about how yoga can help with stress relief and what to do at the weekend. The show concludes with a moving performance from David McCollom performing “Your Eyes are Blue” - another self penned offering.

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