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George is the founder and the presenter of Here in his blog George talks about his inner most thoughts on his journey through recovery, his experiences making the show and shares his insights into the world around us etc.

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Ed Mitchell & Inexcess

Posted by George Williams on Friday, October 16th, 2009

I find myself in a unique and privileged position. With Inexcess and “In My Search For Recovery” I’m meeting people who are turning their lives around and finding out what’s working for them. We’re putting the human face to recovery, real people, with real lives, dealing with real issues. Last year, in those early days of Inexcess when we were still broadcasting from the conservatory I watched the ITV documentary on Ed Mitchell. Sat on my settee I connected with so much of Ed’s story, his pain too.

I remember saying to Trevessa how it would be amazing if someone like Ed could work with us one day. Be careful what you wish for! I’m so proud to announce that Ed Mitchell is joining Inexcess as Editor, bringing 30 years of broadcast and journalism to our platform. We’re in safe hands with a man who has lived on both sides of the line, both ends of the ladder. Great highs and even greater lows. Ed’s own journey is an inspiration to those who may still be suffering in the eye of the storm. To our readers, viewers and supporters, it’s the end of one chapter for Inexcess and the start of the next. it reads “Ed Mitchell, Lost and Found”

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