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Friday, October 9th, 2009

Its been a very special week for Inexcess, Ed Mitchell joined us as Station Editor and we broadcast his first production, the third programme on his life following the ITV documentaries ‘Saving Ed Mitchell’ and ‘What Happened Next’. Ed revisits the places that were the backdrop to his addiction and bringing the story up to date.

At the press conference we also announced our plans for ‘2010 Year of Recovery’ a campaign to raise the profile of addiction and recovery and help to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the issue. More on 2010 soon.

Ed Mitchell, Lost & Found

A new documentary on the latest steps to recovery of former BBC and ITN broadcaster, Ed Mitchell, can be seen exclusively on Inexcess TV - marking Ed’s return to television and first employment following his battle with alcohol and homelessness.

In his new role as editor at Inexcess Television, Ed produced and directed his latest documentary, Ed Mitchell: Lost and Found, the third programme to be broadcast on Ed’s life story, from living as a white-collar tramp to his subsequent recovery from alcoholism. It follows the two prime-time documentaries, Saving Ed Mitchell and Ed Mitchell: What Happened Next? for ITV.

Almost two years on from his last drink in December 2007, Ed revisits the places that played an important part in his homelessness and subsequent recovery in this latest mini documentary. He explains his thoughts and feelings on what happened to him and what he has learnt that might be useful to others. Ed also chats with his son, Freddie, and to his partner, Mandy, who gave up alcohol on the same day as he did.

2009 has been a turning point for Ed. His book, From Headlines to Hard Times was published to great acclaim in January, telling Ed’s candid story of how he battled the demons of alcohol and debt which led ultimately to his homelessness, and also now his return to broadcasting as editor at

Commenting on his new appointment and first programme for Inexcess Television, Ed Mitchell said: “Becoming editor of Inexcess Television is the perfect job. I’ll be able to use my thirty years in journalism, the experience of recovery from alcoholism and the trauma of homelessness to help others. I am painfully aware of what it was like to feel alone and have nowhere to turn. Inexcess Television will go some way to responding to that need.” uses the power of personal experience and techniques of television coupled with the accessibility of the internet to help anyone when drink, drugs or other excessive behaviour have become a problem in their life, or the lives of others.

You can watch Ed Mitchell, Lost & Found in full, here…


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