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Solvent Abuse: The Facts You Should Know

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 Solvent Abuse: The Facts You Should Know

It has been established that over one third of first time users die from solvent misuse, clearly a great matter of concern. Information is essential towards prevention of use.

Inhalants refer to legal substances that are sniffed or huffed to give the user an immediate head rush or high. Inhalent use can cause a number of physical and emotional problems. Inhalants fall into three categories: volatile solvents such as glue, gasoline, aerosols; anaesthetics such as nitrous oxide and nitrites such as amyl and butyl nitrite. They consist mainly of aerosols, lighter fuel, glues, cleaning fluids, (gas) chemical solvents, paints stripper, petrol, marker pen, deodorant, typewriter correction fluid and dry cleaning fluids.

Solvent misuse is most common among youngsters aged from 12 to 16 although younger children may experiment too.

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