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Help and support for people and families
dealing with drug and alcohol problems

Roger’s Profile

Roger Appleton

Roger joined Inexcess TV having worked as an independent producer/director for many years making programmes for Granada TV, BBC and Channel Five.

He says, "Now is a very exciting time to be working with Inexcess. There is a changing landscape in attitudes to addiction and recovery and this is mirrored in the changing environment in the media. More and more people are turning to the internet and broadband to consume their media and so I think Inexcess is right at the forefront of content and the technology to deliver that content."

You can contact Roger Appleton at

"Inexcess TV is right at the forefront of content and technology."



Roger’s Profile

Roger has made over 30 programmes for terrestrial television. These have included films for Granada TV, BBC and Five. In addition to this Roger has worked on non-broadcast films and community projects.

These projects have been about the cultural life of Britain including working artists, festivals, musicians and ordinary peoples lives often telling extraordinary stories.

From filming a scrap yard owner hitting a punch bag with oven ready chickens on his fists to interviewing leading artists and musicians, Roger’s films have been both warm and imaginative.

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