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Video: UK Recovery March Liverpool 2009 With George Williams

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

On the eve of the UKs second recovery march we look back at an historic moment for the recovery movement George Williams of Inexcess TV ‘we are proud to capture and transmit around the world the UK’s first recovery march. Seeds have been sewn and they will grow strong and for generations to come’.

Putting Recovery on the world’s stage - Nearly 1000 people lined the streets of Liverpool to celebrate Recovery for the first time. “This is no longer about the problems of addiction, its about the solutions and these people prove that”. Hope is a word that many used for years, now its belief.

The human faces of Recovery, real people, real lives dealing with real issues “In my search for recovery I’ve met the people who are turning their lives around, finding out what is working for them and with Inexcess we’re sharing what we’re learning” Recovery Works.

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