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A Seven Step Guide To Eating Healthy

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 A Seven Step Guide To Eating Healthy

A plan that sets out to be achievable is a good start in adopting health eating practices. Here are seven practical steps everyone can aspire to.

Kick Start By Reducing Your Portions
You don’t have to cut out foods that you like. You just need to cut down on all foods you eat except fruits and vegetables. For example, eat one biscuit instead of three, or one slice of bread instead of two. Use a smaller plate or don’t feel as though you need to fill your plate. Finally tell yourself that it is fine to leave food on your plate at the end of the meal.

Eat More Slowly
Put down your fork during your meal while you chew. You need time for your brain to tell you when you are full. If you eat fast, you will eat more than you need because you don’t realize that you are full. Allow at least 30 minutes for each meal. Take smaller bites and chew more. This will give your brain time to tell you that you have had enough.

Make Healthy Snacks
Avoid high/fat calorie snacks such as biscuits, crisps and fizzy/sugary drinks.Have more water instead. Choose low calorie foods like fruits or vegetables.

Cut Down On Fatty Intake
It’s easier than you think to reduce your fat intake. Cut down on the amount of cream, butter, bacon, ice cream and cheeses that you eat. Bake your food instead of frying.

Drink plenty of Water
Fluid needs vary greatly depending on age, weight. Drink fluids throughout the day. Substitute water for other forms of drinks such as juice, tea, etc.

Do Not Eat After Supper
Try to limit eating after dinner and before going to bed.

Eat at a Table
Try not to sit in front of the TV while eating. Eating at the table with family allows you to focus on the food you are eating and gives time for family members to talk about their day.

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