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Video: Richard - BAC O’Connor, Alcoholism

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Inexcess Personal Stories: Growing up in a household with a family of drinkers, Richard recently found his own drinking slipping out of control. Out of work, on probation and living with a partner who also drank, he realised he had to make changes and break the destructive cycle of drinking that was controlling his life. He made the important step of asking for help and through BAC O’Connor, he found the support he was searching for. Richard has turned his life around and is starting to rebuild his relationships with his family, he is proof that recovery is out there and rehab can make a real difference to peoples lives.

You can watch and read more about BAC O’Conner and the work they do in our video profile here. BAC O’Conner have also been guests on our show in series 4, which you can see in our video archive here.

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