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Video: Lisa - BAC O’Connor, Heroin Addiction & Crack Cocaine

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Inexcess Personal Stories: At 19 Lisa was six and a half stones, scoring crack cocaine and heroin three or four times a day and had been written off as an OD case waiting to happen. Three days after her father’s fiftieth birthday Lisa escaped a “physically, mentally and emotionally abusive relationship” through a bedroom window and her family got her into rehab at BAC O’Connor in Burton, Staffordshire. Her father had told her “they’re the best” and seeing Lisa speak now she is living proof that rehab works and recovery is out there.

She is now 22, mother to a recently born baby with a fantastic partner and house and holding down a great job with a future in society. Lisa’s closing words are telling - “If I didn’t have recovery, I would be dead.”

You can watch and read more about BAC O’Conner and the work they do in our video profile here. BAC O’Conner have also been guests on our show in series 4, which you can see in our video archive here.

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