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Video: The 7 Steps to Break any Habit or Addiction (Part 2)

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Mike Highstead spent 20 years of his life addicted to alcohol. He had attempted on numerous occasions to combat his addiction, enrolling in Alcoholics Anonymous and receiving psychotherapy, however nothing seemed to have any impact upon his behaviour.

Mike has since overcome his addiction and has devised his own method to overcome any addiction. It is based on the three principles:
1. There is always a choice
2. Our beliefs drive our behaviours
3. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will do for yourself

The programme is based on concept that feelings, both positive and negative, can have a huge influence over how a person behaves. Accordingly, the Seven-step method is based on the acronym IMPROVE

I Identify what you really want or need
M Make it essential
P Pick and choose your beliefs
R Replace the behaviour
O Over and over again
V Validate your progress
E Equality for your life

In this video, Mike goes though each of the seven steps in detail discussing their meaning and intention. He also provides a number of hints and recommendations that may help a person practise a particular step most effectively and get the most from the programme.

For more information on the ‘Seven-step method’ To Break Any Habit Or Addiction, have a look at Mike’s own YouTube page at:

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