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Video: Rebuilding Lives on the South Coast - Recovery Through Regeneration

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Inexcess was privileged to be invited to the Hope Farm Open Day in Littlehampton, West Sussex. This is a project that brings together fighting homelessness and its associated problems with regeneration of a derelict building and land.

Littlehampton is a friendly, picturesque town, one of those hidden secrets of the UK. If you’re not looking for the signs of homelessness or vulnerable people you would be forgiven for thinking homelessness and connected problems must be in the bigger cities on the south coast.

The Hope Farm Project brings together two major forces for good – HOMElink and Skills in Partnership. At the heart of the project is the need to provide support and training to homeless people including help to find recovery from alcohol and substance misuse.

Users of the project will help to renovate a derelict nursery and its surrounding land and then staff the new project including; a restaurant, farm, craft and plant shop, training and education centre, specialist herb growing centre and local artists gallery. Along the way the service users will gain in confidence, take part in training and be offered the opportunity to gain qualifications that should lead onto employment and a fresh start.

We were able to speak to Tony Moran of HOMElink and Ray Collom and Paul Woodcock of Skills in Partnership. They tell us where the idea for the project came from and how it is being pulled together and built. We were also able to speak to Paul and Dawn who have been involved in the the project and who have benefited from the development.

This project is making great progress on the south coast and we hope to revisit it in the near future to see how things are progressing and hopefully to catch up with Dawn and Paul.

It would be great to think that this sort of regeneration and recovery for individuals and communities could be seen in other areas of the country. If you have similar projects and stories please get in touch.

You can contact HOMElink on:01903 739 669 and contact Skills in Partnership on the attached link below.

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