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Video: Ronnie Purslow, The Journey – Using at 12, locked up at 13

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Ronnie Purslow is a remarkable man. From drinking at 12 and locked up at 13 Ronnie’s is a story of fighting authority, in what ever form, and eventually fighting himself.

From being excluded by society Ronnie was also excluded in the prison system until the day he was confronted by his two sons – that is when he new he had to change. With the help of Rapt (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) he turned things around and was able to move on in his life.

Ronnie was in Liverpool to deliver a Family Constellations workshop and took the time to talk to Inexcess TV. This is the first part of that interview where Ronnie talks with passion about his life, his family, prison and his recovery.

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