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Video: UK Advocates, Part 1 - Are we failing to provide adequate care?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

In the first of our two part interview with Bob Beckett, the founder of UK Advocates, Bob talks about the organisation and how UK Advocates has sought a leading London counsel’s opinion on possible legal action on the grounds of medical negligence regarding the lack of, or haphazard nature, of individual PCTs treatment provision and the legality of encouraging alcoholics or potential alcoholics to continue drinking, albeit at lower levels, without first undergoing a liver biopsy.

UK Advocates’ counsel has also been asked for opinion on the possibility of administrative failure by PCTs on the grounds that they fail to offer general practitioners abstinence-based treatment options, and also whether there is a basic abuse of individual human rights when alcohol dependants are denied access to appropriate, abstinence-centred care as recognised by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations.

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