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The making of Inexcess, by Roger Appleton

Roger Appleton

Roger joined Inexcess TV having worked as an independent producer/director for many years making programmes for Granada TV, BBC and Channel Five.

He says, "Now is a very exciting time to be working with Inexcess. There is a changing landscape in attitudes to addiction and recovery and this is mirrored in the changing environment in the media. More and more people are turning to the internet and broadband to consume their media and so I think Inexcess is right at the forefront of content and the technology to deliver that content."

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"Inexcess TV is right at the forefront of content and technology."





Posted by Roger Appleton on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since UKESAD. It was a fantastic experience for Inexcess Productions both for the people we met and the production challenges that came our way.

A crew of 9 came to London with us and it was three long days of hard work.

We built the Inexcess set in the exhibition hall. Wood, board and sticky tape – that’s all you need to build our state of the art studio. Other delegates looked on in disbelief but eventually it all came together after we had pasted our back drop on the wrong way, ripped it off and started again. I think this is a recurring problem in BBC outside broadcasts.

Greg, Michael, Alicia, Eugene, Danny, Justine and Greg all played their part in creating what in the end worked really well for us as a studio and as a centre point for our activities.

Special mention to Kris who didn’t desert his work station until late into the night to make sure the day’s highlights were posted onto the site by the following morning. Editing a five to ten minute film during the day while being hit by a continual stream of multi camera shoot, studio interviews is now a skill we have mastered. Kris did brilliantly.

As ever Geoff was wandering the floor – organising and cajoling our roaming crew who were covering the presentations. He was unflagging and we managed to celebrate his birthday on Thursday evening with an unsuccessful trip to see Star Trek at the Waterloo IMAX (Yes, what do people want to do after a long days filming – go to see a film) followed by a walk to Covent Garden for a bowl of Spaghetti. Happy Birthday, Geoff.

Apart from the crew we were joined by Tony and Ayem who lent support and encouragement while spreading the word of Inexcess and scouring the horizon for interviewees and friends.

As ever George presented in a stylish and professional manner while keeping spirits high and generally being everywhere and anywhere.

We had a plan – who to interview, when and how but as ever not everything went to plan and we were also presented with great opportunities we didn’t expect. Who would join George at the crease? Opening bat was Brian Iddon MP and he was followed by a stream of first XI players of national and international reputation. I was astounded by the breadth of experience and knowledge. All spoke with real enthusiasm and come close of play on Saturday afternoon it was obvious that the feeling at the conference was one of “Change is coming” and a real spirit of unity and direction.

We are back in the North West now and had the opportunity to visit and film a meeting of the Manchester Alcohol and Drugs Carers Focus Group. It was great to get back to grass roots and it was a real pleasure to meet everyone there and be allowed to film a meeting. Our focus has always been real lives, real people and what followed was a real sense of support, help and advice from people who are experiencing the challenges of living with addiction in their families. They spoke with wisdom and humility. But we also caught a sense of courage and a fighting spirit that underlines the power of ordinary people coming together and helping each other. They deserve your support.

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