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Video: Outside Edge Theatre Company Interview: David Charkham & Jimmy Page

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Inexcess spoke to Outside Edge Theatre board member and therapist David Charkham and Outside Edge Patron Jimmy Page. They spoke about the creation of the theatre company and why they became involved. Both men talk about the success of using drama as a way of connecting with people and helping to communicate the issues and emotions around addiction, treatment and recovery.

David Charkham is a therapist who developed his Skills for Life Programme 20 years ago. Life Skills Groups and One to One Sessions enable clients with drug and alcohol dependencies to prepare for the post detox transition from the controlled environment of inpatient settings to the outside world, giving clients the skills to deal with and identify triggers that may threaten their recovery. David also provides sobriety coaching on a 1:1 basis.

Having led one of the most successful cultural phenomenon of the 20th century - Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page know about the power of artistic endeavour. He says - ‘I am delighted and proud to be a supporter of The Outside Edge Theatre Company. They manage, under the guidance of Phil Fox, to produce artistically excellent work that challenges and entertains audiences at the same time as making a real difference. They demonstrate the very real capacity of live performance to positively transform shattered lives. Edge’s work with addicts - and the ways in which their performances awaken audiences and provoke debate - is quite simply stunning’.

You can watch our latest interview with Phil Fox, David Charkham & Jimmy Page here.

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