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Cumulative Factors: Amy Winehouse

Thursday, May 21st, 2009 Cumulative Factors: Amy Winehouse

Looking at this young lady, one can easily recognise that her body has become somewhat emaciated. Equally, it is not difficult to suggest that there will be a host of reasons why this young talented woman is looking in less than ship shape.

In a recent report carried out by the Mail (20/05/09) it reports that Amy Winehouse has spent the last six months protected from the problems she has had in her birth Country. St Lucia to some extent could be considered the stars haven.

However, when scrutinised more fully, there is evidence that the trip is not doing what it intended to do.

According to the report the singer’s family have been filmed for a documentary called ‘Saving Amy’ over a six month period.

Filming began late last November with her parents Mitch and Janis as Amy was still in a Harley Street hospital with a foot problem.

However, with reference to the Grazia magazine both parents thought their daughter was at her safest at the hospital despite drugs being thrown over the wall.

In addition it is understood that her father is permanently walking on eggshells as far as his much loved daughter is concerned. He states, ‘‘I’m worried when I get a phone call form her or her security, because I don’t know what bad news I may get. But when I don’t hear from her, I’m worried as well.’

Furthermore, it has been suggested that Mitch was required to diffuse a situation with Amy’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil over the phone.

Apparently, as a direct consequence of Mitch’s intervention, Blake handed himself over to the relevant authorities as it is understood that he had failed a drugs test and was still under the influence.

Mitch is claimed to have said, We will take care of you. You cannot stay with Amy right now. It is not good for Amy; it is not good for you.’

Notwithstanding from the mothers perspective, as a multiple sclerosis sufferer, she reluctantly admits to feeling unable to help her daughter in her on going battle against drug misuse.

She acquiesces when she says, ‘There is nothing I can do until Amy wants to fight her addiction.’

It was reported last month at a welcome dinner for the film crew; Amy had drunk so much she was hardly able to serve the food.

In addition it was suggested that she only played with her own food and thus rumours are now flying that she has become anorexic.

Her father has said, after helping his daughter through her drugs ordeal which nearly killed her, he can’t bear to see her drinking.

He said: ‘If you saw her in that dark room, in bed, you couldn’t believe we would be here now. But now, if it is alcohol instead of drugs – I don’t think I can go through it again.

He added: ‘I’ve distanced myself and whatever happens, happens. It is her life. It is her decision.’

Recently, Amy Winehouse made a come back to the stage, which proved to be disastrous. The star was forced to abandon her performance after torrential rain hit the island.

Though it has to be said that onlookers were most definitely of the same opinion. They claim that the real reason the star left the stage was due to the fact that her audience booed her off the stage because of her pitiful performance.

It was reported that the singer was having difficulty in maintaining her balance and hence she stumbled during the performance of her song.

One audience members says, “Weather aside, it was not raining when Amy came on stage, it did rain heavily later in her set but that has not stopped previous performers here!”

Furthermore, it was argued that she was impossible to hear ‘and what you could hear was BAD! It’s very sad to see someone with so much talent waste it.

‘The tickets for the event are expensive for anyone and especially local people. Amy needs to take time out and sort her life out. Very disappointing.’

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