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Thought for the weekend

Posted by George Williams on Friday, May 1st, 2009

Hi everyone, it’s the start of the Bank Holiday Weekend and it often makes me reflective. I’m sat in my office right now and there’s a real buzz about the place and so there should be. People work hard and the news has been so negative for so long that people just want to let off steam, have fun and relax.

But there are are 2 sides to this weekend when you’re in the field of addiction and recovery. The nature of people and our society is that of being inquisitive, the influences of programming and the role models out there (or not). The image of drink and drugs can be be enticing and who doesn’t want to feel different about themslves at sometime in their life.

What concerns me is this: that what starts off as fun and recreation, relaxation, even just buying into the culture of “that’s what people do” can and does lead to a very dark place for many more people nowadays, and younger and younger. When does a pleasure become a habit, and when does a habit become addictive or obsessive. How many fathers will go out from work and on a bender for the weekend, how many women will wake up with hangovers and more than a few regrets. How many people are making calls to “get sorted” because the weekend is here and life and work is “pretty crap”.

Take a moment to reflect, How many parents are worrying about their sons or daughters and where did they as parents go wrong. How many partners just want their loved one’s back to the way they used to be, how many sons and daughters are worried about mum or dad and the “grey clouds” that seem to continually hang over them and the stigma of them having depression or drink problem. Seemingly lost alone and full of fear.

One side this weekend is full of sparkle with their foot to the floor and no idea of the consequences and the other side is worried sick. Ironically, all at some stage will start to ask themselves “why do I feel the way I do”

I genuinly believe we need to work on people having a greater understanding of who and what we are, our feelings and emotions and why we become confused or frustrated or full of fear. With a sense of purpose people contribute so much more at all levels.

If we can raise the profile and improve the image of addiction and recovery, if we can connect with each other, if we can be better prepared with more inferstructure, professionals and key workers developing through from addiction and trained into the roles that need to be filled, if we can be in the public arena, either a phone call away or within walking distance to hope, if we can be there to help people get back up after the have fallen and help them put back all the broken pieces they’ve shattered into. Then we can start to rebuild broken lives, broken homes and broken dreams.

If your’re out for a wild one this weekend just let your loved ones know you’re ok and if you are that loved one then think about joining a family support group and leanring more about these complex issues that seem to take a grip. It really is your strength and support people like us need. I’d love to hear from people on both sides and if your worried about a friend or loved one then pass my details on. Thankyou and don’t give up

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