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George is the founder and the presenter of Here in his blog George talks about his inner most thoughts on his journey through recovery, his experiences making the show and shares his insights into the world around us etc.

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sharing what i’m learning..series 3

Posted by George Williams on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Hi everyone, Sorry not to be on sooner but I went away for a few days immedietly after the end of series 3. In my search for recovery, I’m sharing what I’m learning. Week 2 was amazing, we had Tony Mellor from Manchester join the posse on Monday night and in 80 shows it was our strongest news and views with a great sense of humour. This week shone for me with real people, with real lives who are rebuilding their lives and using these amazing resourses we have built up and experience we have gained and are becoming the key workers and service providers we so desperately need.

On Tuesday David McCollom was an inspiration, wearing his scars on the outside as well as in. Again, working in recovery and developing his own media business.
By Wednesday we had a discussion on prison, addiction, treatment and recovery. With guys who had all come from the frontline. Education and awareness in prison is definitely one of the key areas needing real investment and committed longterm development. You can’t enter the prison system with real problems and issues, expect that it will act as a lesson or deterrent and when you leave fit into society better or easier than when you went in. I could write for hours on this subject alone.

What really thrilled me about the guys on this show was there desire to give back. Ian one of my guests proudly stated “i’ve never met a drug addict in recover who wasn’t grateful and just wanted to give back”. We’re all embarrassed and ashamed of the pain we caused people close to us but my guests have shown that bridges can be rebuilt.

Jane Allen and John Gillen wrote a book, The Secret Disease of Addiction and joined me to talk about their journey’s and inspiration for the book. They run their own Retreat and live passionately for recovery. By Friday we finished the series with our best weekend show ever. Music, live entertainment with Raucus Chorus, something for the weekend with Trevessa and Ben Donnelly from Elixir Foundation. Recovery should be fun and the final show lived upto that line.

Change is coming and I’m not afraid to be part of it. We do need to improve the image of addiction, treatment and recovery. For sure we need better understanding and awareness of what actually is going on with us and how we end up in a terrible mess. People need to see that there is hope and that’s what I’m most proud of with this series and I believe we’re bringing people who have lived amazing lives, who have travelled unbelievable journies, who have hit rock bottom, so bad it’s indescribable and yet have managed to turn their lives around. “Fit in”, “grow” and “contribute back”

Our problems are very complex and the negative feelings we have about ourselves take us to a very dark place. I truly believe that when we find a sense of purpose we are capable of achieving anything. My guests are the living proof of what hope, desire and time can do. Our audience really added depth and atmosphere to every show and I gleamed with joy and pride at every comment and question they had. As Mark Gillman said “the power of 2 people talking through their problems together is truly powerful stuff.

Not everyone will agree with everything I say but for sure we’re achieved the public now really talking and debating our content. In my search for recovery I’m meeting the people who are turning their lives around, I want to find out what’s working for them and most of all I want to share that with all of you. If you like what you see on the site then please “pass it on”. Thankyou to the many people who have supported me this far and thankyou to the people who have helped keep me on the straight and narrow

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