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The making of Inexcess, by Roger Appleton

Roger Appleton

Roger joined Inexcess TV having worked as an independent producer/director for many years making programmes for Granada TV, BBC and Channel Five.

He says, "Now is a very exciting time to be working with Inexcess. There is a changing landscape in attitudes to addiction and recovery and this is mirrored in the changing environment in the media. More and more people are turning to the internet and broadband to consume their media and so I think Inexcess is right at the forefront of content and the technology to deliver that content."

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"Inexcess TV is right at the forefront of content and technology."




End of Series Three

Posted by Roger Appleton on Monday, April 6th, 2009

Two weeks, ten hours of live TV and a Raucous Chorus.

The latest two week series has just finished. Ten, one hour live shows every weekday for two weeks takes some doing. Each was recorded live at Toxteth TV between 8.00 and 9.00pm. Apart from the first show we had a live audience at each recording and the facilities at Toxteth TV were perfect for this. We used the reception area for our audience to congregate. This also gave an opportunity for some networking. It was good to see key workers and agency heads mingling with people in recovery and those still in active addiction.

It was Mark Gilman (Head of the NTA – Northwest) who said that one of the best ways to be inspired to find recovery was for those in active addiction to speak to those in recovery. Well, that all happened in the pre-show gathering and was one of the spin offs of the series.

There a big thank you to be done to Nick Timmis of Arch Initiatives who brought along a number of audience members on three nights and also took part in the first Friday with some service users who had produced the creative writing for Reflecting Voices. To see the service users read out their work was one of the highlights of the series.

Thanks to TTP in Warrington who not only were guests on the first Tuesday but also brought along a large contingent for the final Friday show.

Other big thanks go out to Rachel Goode who I first met at a group meeting in Liverpool along with Maggie White. Rachel not only found one of our guests but also brought along audience members in the second week.

The last show on Friday 3rd April was something special. Not only did we have great music from Stephen Langstaff but we also had the Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus. These are a singing group based at Sharp, Liverpool (many thanks to are old friend Jacquie Johnson-Lynch) and are using their voices to express their creativity and (based on the performance on Friday) their happiness and joy. They brought a real energy to the show. George was on form and we had contributions from Trevessa and Ben Donnelly of Elixir Foundations. This all added up to be a really exceptional night and a great note to finish the series on.

We are proud of the fact that we introduce young aspiring students to the studio by accommodating placements. Justine from Liverpool John Moore’s University did herself proud as the “meeter and greeter” during the second week and we had a succession of placements from the media courses at Liverpool Community College including visits from the excellent Journalism Courses.

The crew were professional and focussed on the job producing a very high standard of production. This is impressive considering many of them are just one year out of their courses or training. Special mention to Eugene, Michael, Greg N, Phaedra, Greg O, Alicja and Danny. It was lovely to see Faye come along in the second week as a last minute replacement and make such a good job of operating camera one without any fuss or comment.

Of course the back bone of the team is Kris and Geoff. Again two young men who are only a year out of their respective courses at Liverpool John Moore’s and Liverpool Community College. They have not only taken up the challenge of the day to day operation of the studio and post production buy they have done it with style and with a real sense of commitment and enthusiasm.

Everybody who has visited during the series to see Kris vision mixing or Geoff managing the studio floor has been full of praise and admiration.

During the last two weeks we have been visited by students to see the studio set and to hear about the technologies allowing live broadband transmission. They all ask about what they need to work in the industry or at Inexcess TV. My answer? Turn up on time, have a great attitude, and always have a smile. I really do think these are the best attributes of any aspiring production worker.

And will there be any work in the future. Well I think that what Inexcess TV is proving is that there is a huge potential for broadband niche TV that utilises new technologies to reach an ever fragmenting audience.

I read only last week in Broadcast (the magazine for the industry) reports of this expending section of the media industry. Adrian Pennington said, “In just 18 months, consumers have not only embraced online TV as part of their media diet but have come to expect to receive long-form entertainment”.

Now, he was talking about “UK’s leading broadcasters”. We might not be classed as that yet but this quotation demonstrates that online TV is here to stay and increasingly the public are turning to it to satisfy their particular needs. I think it is a perfect time for us to use this technology to contribute to the addiction and recovery community. To communicate, connect and to celebrate the achievements of individuals and agencies. You only need to look at the performance in last Friday’s show of the Raucous Caucus to appreciate that.

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