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George is the founder and the presenter of Here in his blog George talks about his inner most thoughts on his journey through recovery, his experiences making the show and shares his insights into the world around us etc.

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Sharing What I’m Learning… Series 3

Posted by George Williams on Monday, March 30th, 2009

In my search for recovery with Inexcess I’m trying to bring the people who are turning their lives around, right into the heart and homes of those who most need it. If we can improve the image of addiction, treatment, recovery, then we are a step closer to de-stigmatising what for most are the real problems and issues of life.

Far greater awareness and improved understanding of these complex issues will provide so many people with answers they may have been searching for all their lives. Not only those caught in the eye of the storm but the many loved ones, friends and family who so often walk the steps with us and share the pain, shame and solitude and frustration that sucks the life out of families and relationships.

Let’s not be afraid to stand up and step forward, we are after all real people with real lives dealing with our own personal issues of life. The more we work together, the more our movement will grow and develop. One by one people will turn their lives around and pass on their hope and experience. There will be roles and responsibilities for so many and they can pass it on. We just have to believe that there is a much better life in recovery than being a slave to our demons. Yes, we need help, support and guidance but already with Inexcess I’ve met so many amazing people with so many of the right skills and experience, with endless amounts of passion, energy and fantastic attitudes to offer those who desire it.

It does start with desire and as Mark Gilman, my guest on Thursday, pointed out “The power of two people just talking through their problems, connecting with each other at a deeper level”, can change lives forever. It was important to me that we really “got close” to a man that is key to the future of recovery in the UK. It is easy to criticise what hasn’t worked and I must confess I’ve done my fair share but if we can get the right people into the room and discuss, debate, connect on a deep and personal level, then the health and welfare of people can only benefit. How we get there is down to vision, communication, perseverance and for my part determination. I like Mark, it’s hard not too and he speaks from the heart as often as he can, although some days he must follow a directive from above. If people want to have their say and help make positive changes then let it be balanced and use Inexcess as your platform.

Tom Fielding, a war veteran was diagnosed with PTSD and shared the pain and anguish he suffers along with the frustration of feeling left out in the cold. I couldn’t help but swell up when he said that he had a big heart. His courage to sit on a live show for the world to see him exposed and vulnerable confirms to me how much we need to connect with each other. Neil Foster, another guest that night, offered his professional skills to help Tom. Inexcess is bringing people together.

Recovery should be fun but it’s true that some days it hurts. Friday and “something for the weekend” is a highlight for me. Mhairi from Jobcentre Plus was glowing with her passion for recovery after 24 years and she convinced us all that she and her team will find us employment, training or education. Most of all she listens. I was so proud to hear Mhairi because I go so far back with her from the very early days of my own recovery.

Nikki Timmis introduced us to her team and project “Reflecting Voices”. A book, yes a real book published with written pieces from real people still in the eye of the storm. They nailed the Friday show with three live readings from the writers themselves and if ever there was evidence of the power of creativity with addiction and recovery then this was one of those magical moments. Trevessa Newton from our Monday Posse Night helped us with the basics to consider when taking those first steps into recovery and how to fill your time and the audience are never shy with their contributions too.

Inexcess is meeting the people, giving you all a platform to have your say and make valuable contributions. We’re an online resource but most of all we’re here to let people know they are not alone and even at rock bottom, there is hope. With a sense of purpose we can achieve anything.

Thank you to all of our friends who help make Inexcess possible. Please pass on who we are and what we are trying to do to anyone who may benefit.

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