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Video: Mark Gilman - National Treatment Agency

Thursday, 26th March 2009

Celebrating two years of Inexcess TV

In March 2009 Mark Gilman head of the NTA North West came to the Inexcess studio to talk about the future of recovery.

A year on many of the thoughts Mark shared with us have become reality, with a clear shift towards recovery as an outcome and a big step forward in the relationship between treatment and recovery.

It’s a very special Inexcess show, an audience with Mark Gilman, the head of the National Treatment Agency in the North West.

Mark talks candidly with George and a special studio audience about the role of the NTA, its successes, its challenges and plans for the future. Once again the scale and complexity of treatment and recovery are central to the show. As you will see, it is a huge issue that affects everybody in the country, and Mark gives us some great insights into how the problems are being tackled and addressed. It’s a great positive and passionate show, that is really getting to the heart of the matter, one not to be missed.

Real lives, real people, real issues…

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Category: Inexcess Live Series 3 Duration: 60:13

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